The Evolution of Computers for the Next Several Years

The innovation of technology continuously surprises many people. This innovation is fast becoming more and more evident with the introduction of the more advanced devices found in just about every corner of the technological industry. Everyone can tell how magical computers have become for providing convenience and easy job execution for people. And now, even with the huge innovation, people are still wondering what else technology has got for them.

To consider the advancement of computers as impressive looks like an irony. This can be proven with the consideration of Moore’s Law. The Law is the observation created by Gordon Moore way back in year 1965. Moore noticed that the quantity of transistors engineers can cram into a single silicon chip doubles in number each year or more. This high speed has slowed down over the past few years to a somewhat more straightforward 24-month cycle.

Alertness about the prompt speed on which the technology of computer improves has leaked into the consciousness of the public. With the fast innovation observed with computers, there will be more and more people asking about the possible features to expect from the same technology in the future. You may be surprised one day if you buy a new computer in a store and finds out it is obsolete after arriving home. Yes, with the surprising innovation people observed from technology, it is highly possible for such instant to happen.

Presuming the manufacturers of microprocessor could continue living up with Moore’s Law, the computers’ processing power will be able to double in number after every 2 years. This will means that after 100 years the current computer models will be 1,125,899,906,842,624X more powerful. Indeed, this could be quite hard to imagine.

In year 2005, Moore stated that once transistors arrive at its atomic scale, people might encounter essential barriers that they may not cross. If this happens, people won’t be able to fill up higher number of transistors inside similar space amount. People might get through those barriers by establishing bigger processor chips containing more transistors. However, transistors produce heat and once a processor becomes hot, it may cause your computer from shutting down. Computers that contain quick processors have effective cooling systems in order to prevent overheating. The bigger a processor chip, the greater heat a compute may produce when dealing with full speed.

Another strategy a user can execute is to change to the multi-core architecture. A certain multi-core processor may dedicate some part of the processing power to every core. They are efficient when it comes to handling calculations, which could be divided into tinier components. On the other hand, they are not too good in terms of working with big computational issues which cannot be divided. Future computers can completely depend on the various models than conventional machines.

With the extensive innovation observed in today’s computers, there is no doubt they will deliver the convenient and comfort most people wanted from them. Hence, everyone who is interested about the future innovation of computers should expect more from them than the common present computers that they are used to.

Mirrors that illuminated and enlightened a whole town!

Winters are one of the most awaited seasons and mostly so, in countries where the sun is harsh. Winters bring that much needed relief from the acrid and dry summers. What most of us will not understand is that sunlight in winters may be a bleak sight for some. It poses many difficulties and makes darkness omnipresent, making it very troublesome to those who have to face it. The town of Rjukan was one such locality, which could only dream of sunlight touching the peaks of mountains covering the entire town, leaving the inhabitants in utter darkness! Until people came up with a remarkable idea!

In the beautiful Norwegian town Rjukan, the mountains covered almost all the sides of the valley in which the enthralling society flourishes. This posed a huge problem, as the sunlight could not enter the valley, leaving the town in a shadow of dark. This would last every year for a period of almost six months that is from September to March of next year.  Then the inhabitants struck gold, when it was decided to install huge mirrors, which could direct the sunrays to the heart of the valley, and into their town! This was an idea that was thought of much before these times. Exactly a century ago a local named Sam eyed, tried to implement these modifications. In those times, technology was not as remarkable as it is today. Now, decades later the same concept was proposed again with the help of remote controlling of these mirror panels.

The beam of sunlight generated and reflected to the centre of the town, is as huge as three tennis courts combined together! If that is not an example of how great science can be, what is? The heat generated with the help of these mirrors is not supposed to have any significance altogether on the climate, but that has not been a deterrent to the locals. In fact, all their concentration has been laid on getting as much of light into their town as possible, to beat the shadows looming large over their localities! Mr. Sam Hyde may not be here to see his dream fulfilled but he sure would have appreciated it, and the scale at which it is carried out in a town founded by his grace. It has saved the locals from the trouble of taking a cable car every time they needed provisions from the nearest markets.

The technology used will help illuminate the whole town, that too without harming the environment. What more could anybody have asked for! There are three giant mirrors, spanning a height of approximately seventeen meters. This makes for one of the vastest such installments ever done. An innovative thought like this can sure propel other towns in farther cities to follow suit. In addition, people are considering this as a standard solution to towns facing problems of the same nature, even in the far north! Therefore, this should be taken as an example of how necessity is the mother of all inventions. When brilliant minds are put to use, they will definitely churn something out!

The political unrest in Mexico

Mexico is a federal republic that runs its political structure on the Mexican constitution from 1917. The constitution divided the system into three different parts: the government, the judiciary and the legislature. The country comprises 31 federal states and a federal district. According to the constitution, it is a medium to serve the welfare of the Mexican people and they are given a set of civil rights and personal freedom. The politics in Mexico is now based on the majority of votes in federal elections and there are three prominent political parties now unlike the late 1990s when The PRI party used to get strong lead in every federal election.

Mexico’s Parliament

Much like most other countries the parliament of Mexico also has two houses- the upper house called as Senate, and the lower house as The Chamber of Deputies. The members of Senate have six years of membership once elected while the members of The Chamber of Deputies get three years for the same. To keep the politics clean, the members of parliament are not allowed to be a candidate in the very next election after they have finished their respective duration as a member of parliament. There are two members elected from each state along with the federal district to represent in the Senate while the chamber of deputies comprises of 400 members. Out of these 400 deputies, 300 are directly chosen through the majority voting and the rest 100 are chosen based on the proportional representation of the counted votes.

Mexican Political Structure:

In the present political scenario of Mexico the country has democracy and multiple parties take part in the parliament elections. The parties have to get registered before taking part in the federal or local elections. The major political parties that exist in present day Mexico are Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), the Party of Democratic Revolution (PRD), and the National Action Party (PAN). Before 1990, the politics of Mexico had just one major political leader as the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) ruled continuously until 1990 in every house of Parliament. Every president of Mexico belonged to PRI before 2000 and it was the first time in 1997 when they didn’t have the majority in the Chamber of Deputies.

The mentioned parties are the major leaders in the federal elections and political scenario, however, there are some smaller parties as well having strong support in elections from one or two federal states; for example: the Labour Party (PT), the Democratic Convergence Party (PCD), and the Mexican Ecological Green Party (PVEM).

It is not very uncommon for the political structure in Mexico to go through unrest situations. The civil part of political unrest has grown bigger in the last couple of years. The economy of Mexico witnessed a reduction of 8 percent in its GDP and that is causing the conflict situation in public. To be honest, the instability in politics happens a lot more than usual. The Mexican people love demonstrating their opinion about the government issues. Public demonstrations and sometimes-violent riots are quite common in Mexico. If the residents here think like the government is ripping them off, a demonstration is likely to be followed.

Global Warming is the Biggest Threat to Humanity!

What is Climate Change?

It is the continuous flow of energy from the sun that drives the climate of the earth. The energy from the sun reaches the earth warming its surface. Some of the heat energy is sent back from earth to the atmosphere in the form of infrared radiations. The heat energy is absorbed by gases like Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that are present in the atmosphere. It is the carbon dioxide cycle, which keeps the balance in the atmosphere, sustaining life.

However, large number of human activities disturbed the balance causing significant changes in the climate. In one of the recent article of New York Times (October 17, 2013), it is mentioned that large number of moose is dying in North America due to global warming.

What are the causes of Global Warming?

The Earth is a special planet, which has an orbit that is far enough from the sun as to not get scorched, and is close enough to sustain life by deriving energy. There is large number of greenhouse gases which envelopes Earth to keep the conditions constant. The layer of greenhouse gases keeps the earth warm against the cold of the universe. Carbon Dioxide is the driver of the greenhouse effect. It is the burning of excess amount of coal by the industrial sector that led to the release of large amount of CO2, which generates unprecedented amount of heat.

Recent Government shutdown in US (2013)

Why did the shutdown take place?

United States Federal Government faced a shutdown as the Congress failed to appropriate funds for the fiscal year of 2014. The shutdown led to curtailment of large number of routine activities from October 1 to 16. Only after signing of interim operations bill, regular operations of the US government resumed. The two chamber of the congress could not agree on the appropriations of a particular resolution creating a “funding gap”.

A political battle started between Senate and President Barack Obama on one side and House of Representatives on the other. The political strife between the two groups leads to an impasse, which also created the possibility of massive disruption. President Barack Obama blamed the Republicans for the shutdown saying, “One faction, of one party, in one house of Congress, in one branch of government, shut down major parts of the government – all because they didn’t like one law.”

What were the effects of the shutdown?

The side effect of the shutdown was very grave where 800000 federal employees were furloughed in an indefinite manner and almost 1.3 million were asked to work without any commitment about the payment dates. Two other shutdown of similar kind took place in 1978 and 1995, which was an18-day and 21-day shutdown respectively. This 16 day shutdown is the third longest in US disrupting governmental activities in a major way. The shutdown had far-reaching effects on the communities who relied on tourism like Yellowstone national park and Grand Canyon. A large number of safety inspectors working in the Aviation were also furloughed.

Federal Aviation Administration had asked 800 employees out of 2900 furloughed employees to report back to work after the end of the shutdown. The Consulates and Embassies overseas remain open and are providing services for citizens of U.S. abroad. Large number of national parks was closed during the shutdown. Even protection agencies had to curtail their routine activities such as Nuclear Regulatory Commission. In the Food and Drug Administration department large numbers of officials who inspect food borne outbreaks were furloughed making it difficult for them to function. Even the federal courts will have to curb down the non-essential activities, as many workers would be furloughed.

How did the government shutdown end?

Efforts were made by the Congress to end the shutdown and reopen federal government by passing a remedial measure. The main idea was to end the prolonged fiscal crisis, which was threatening the world economy. However, it is a temporary measure taken by the Congress as the fundamental issues pertaining to deficits and spending, which led to the turmoil is not resolved yet. The fiscal crisis created a divide between the Democrats and Republicans, which might lead to another government shutdown probably next year in February (2014).

The senate and the House approved the plan by passing votes in favor. President Obama signed the bill and also praised Senate for entering into a compromise for ending the crisis. While addressing the White House he said, “begin to lift this cloud of uncertainty and unease from our businesses and from the American people.” The President was trying to declare intentions of moving ahead from the crisis towards new bills to carve out a sensible budget for the forthcoming year.